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Double Wear. Or Nothing. Foundation

When I first heard about double wear foundation and its 24 hr wear, I was surprise to say the least. First off why do I want a foundation to last 24 hrs. I am not 24 and party all night.

Then, I tried it and WOW!!

The coverage is flawless, very natural and covers uneven skin tone and imperfections. It is also very build-able, so if you want more coverage you can get it without a heavy made up look. To clarify, it is a medium to full coverage foundation that gives a flawless natural finish that is waterproof and lasts in hot humid weather.

I was amazed when it didn’t sweat off my face or drip down it in the humidity we get here in Philadelphia. Double wear stays on and covers all imperfections while looking natural and not heavily made up.

As we get older, we want coverage but do not want the made up look our mothers had. As Boomers we have to set a new precedence at every age. Hey, we have been doing it since our teens, some even before!

The other next thing about this foundation is the wide arrange of colors with cool, warm and even neutral shades. There is a color to match everyone.

This foundation is also good for all skin types since Double wear is oil free and won’t clog pores.

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The product is $32 for a 1 oz. size and is best applied with a makeup brush or sponge. But in a pinch if you have to use your fingers the coverage is still lasting and natural looking.

In my makeup consultations I have used it on all skin shades and is great for very fair skin or darker tones. It does cover redness and dark spots (from age or skin damage). It also does not get gray on darker tones.

This is the foundation every woman needs to have in her makeup drawer!

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