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Double Wear Custom Coverage Correcting Duo

I hear it all the time, “what do I do for dark circles, or dark spots? I also have redness issues, how can I cover them. My skin is so dull what can I do to perk it up.”

Thank God Estee Lauder heard us! They introduced the custom coverage correcting duo in October as part of the Double Wear line. It comes in array of colors, pink, peach, apricot, tangerine, lavender, yellow and green.

Wait what are the colors, are you thinking, “who has those skin tones?.” Remember, I said correcting coverage concealer. This product corrects, conceals and transforms. Yes, so the pink, peach, apricot and tangerine corrects dark circles and spots. The lavender neutralizes yellowness, the green reduces redness and the yellow brightens dullness.


When I went to training for Estee Lauder in October and received a full size of the produce in the pink shade to cover my dark circles and any spots. Estee knows how to package a concealer, this product is a two fold wand. One end is a sponge tip for delicate under eye area coverage. The other end is a brush for larger areas of coverage on face. All shades are package this way for ease in application.

I took it home and tried the next morning and saw my eye area transformed! I apply this first and then foundation which I apply all over my face and over eye area, also. It worked so well, I really didn’t need the additional touch on concealer I use on top of my makeup for circles.

Now that allergy season is in full swing for me, I do find I use this color corrector and foundation and then a little concealer on top. It really covers the dark circles I get from allergies.

In my work doing makeovers for customers, I have used the green concealer for redness customers and it is magical. I first apply the green over the redness then blend well with a sponge or makeup brush. Next, I apply their foundation and blend, blend and blend to cover well. My customers have been thrilled with the results.

This price comes in one size tube for $32.00 for all colors.

A fabulous long-lasting buy, I highly recommend it as a needed addition to everyone’s makeup kit!

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