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The 3 Step – Clinique Skin Care Kit

Everyone has heard of Clinique ‘s skin care and has at one time used it. DDML , dramatically different lotion or DDMG the gel is also widely used. There is one of these sold every 3 seconds in the world.

Recently working at the Clinique counter as a makeup artist, I had a customer with foundation concerns. Kelcie, age 21 had problem with oily skin and makeup melting off her face. We discussed what she was using for foundation and I explained to her, the first step is to control the oiliness of her skin is with a skin care regiment.


I introduced her to Clinique 3 step for oily skin. First, I cleansed her skin with the wash, then used our clarifying lotion #3 and finally the DDMG. We then applied “Superbalanced Silk foundation” with a Broad Spectrum SPF 15.

More information on Superbalanced Silk Foundation, Click Here

Kelcie immediately saw a difference and purchased the whole 3 Step skin care kit and the Foundation.

It was a rewarding experience for me to see her so thrilled with her skin. I explained to her that once she did this every day morning and night, she would be amazed at her skin in a few weeks.


As a boomer generation woman, I have been using 3 Step for 8 years. Its amazing how great my skin looks. So, it is not just for oily skin, or young skin, its for everyone. I am amazed over the years how it helps me maintain great skin.  These products are timeless and revolutionary, they will work with all skin types and ages.

Price: $66 for all 3 in a set. Each product can also be purchased individually!

Click here for more information regarding the 3 Step process and to learn more about why it is so important to wash your face!

Stay tuned for the next blog, where I go in-depth about each step of the skin care system and helping you maintain beautiful skin!

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