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Cleansing: Clinique Facial Soap – Step 1 of 3

Do you cleanse your skin properly every day? Do you use the right cleanser for your skin type?

These are key questions every woman at any age should ask herself. Taking care of your facial skin starts with cleansing.

In my years of makeovers, I have been amazed at the number of women who do not wash their face or just use water. I am sorry, but are you crazy?

I know this sounds mean, but who goes to bed with not washing off the day’s grime?

Clinique has many types of facial soap; extra mild for dry skin, mild for dry combination, and oily skin for combination oily to oily skin.

This soap will lather to loosen surface flakes, remove dirt and debris, and, the best part, protect the skins natural moisture balance.

I started using this soap as part of my daily cleansing and saw a significant change in the texture and feel of my skin. Now, 10 years later at my age it still leaves my skin feeling clean, comfortable and refreshed. I never feel taut and dry.

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This soap, part of Clinique’s 3 step Skin Care, was developed by a dermatologist and is fragrance free. Be sure to use it twice daily. You start by putting a small amount in your hand mixed with water and massaging all over face and neck. You then rinse thoroughly and pat dry. FYI! Always do your neck along with your face for any products, otherwise you end up with a chicken neck!

The liquid soap comes in a 6.7 oz pump bottle for $17.50 or the larger 13.5oz for $29.50.

There is also a smaller tube style for $14.50. I’ve posted the link below for your convenience.

Remember, cleansing is the first Key Step to beautiful skin for all ages! It should be part of your daily facial skin maintenance and will reward you well into old age with great skin!

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