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Moisturizing: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion/Gel Blog Step 3 of 3

DDML and DDMG are known all over the world. Some also call it the yellow lotion or gel. This third step of the 3 Step Skin Care system is the most recognized and sold. One is sold every 30 seconds in the world. They have added DDMJ Dramatically Different Moisturizing Jelly which is perfect for those of us who like the gel feel in summer but need a little more hydration.

This genius yellow moisturizer hydrates all day and absorbs quickly into the skin. The DDML helps strengthen the skin’s own moisture barrier, so more moisture stays in and improves the skins appearance with a healthy glow.

DDMG is for oiler skin types it will combine oil free hydration with skin strengthening ingredients to balance and refresh oiler skin types.

DDMJ is for all skin types and is a water based gel like substance that is lightweight but hydrates all day. I love the feel of this in the summer.

I first started using this with the rest of the 3 Step seven years ago. It is amazing how great my skin feels and looks. But you cannot miss a step. I have in a pinch used a different moisturizer and it does not feel the same, nor does my foundation go on as nice without DDML.

I use the lotion everyday morning and night then apply any other serums etc. for ageing etc. If I miss this moisturizer step I feel and see it.

Clinique 3-Step System Featuring DDML and DDMJ

Recently I had mentioned in my 3 Step Blog working with Kelcie at the counter and introducing her to 3 Step for oiler skin. Kelcie’s’ big complaint was one, her foundation not lasting all day cause on her oily skin and two without moisturizer she felt dry.

I explained to her she needed the right moisturizer, one that would control oil but hydrate her skin. I introduced her to DDMG.

Once I used the 3 Step on her face she was thrilled with how it felt and even happier with how it looked.

I recently reached out to Kelcie to see how her oily skin was feeling. She said” She loves the 3 Step and does it twice a day. There’s a visible difference and the foundation is great, very light feel but covers”. Kelcie also decided to try the DDMJ for winter since it gives her a little more hydration but is still lightweight feel.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 10.43.46 PM

There is also a cream for very dry to dry skin, same great formula as lotion but with heavier feel to soothe the driest skin types.

The DDML, DDMJ and DDMG comes in a 4.2 oz for $28 pump bottle, most popular

There are other sizes from$14.50 to 39.50

The cream comes in a jar for $28 plus there is a range from $14.50 to $47.50

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