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Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm

I was working a few months back with my customer Lisa and she wanted something to illuminate her skin and hydrate. Lisa is middle aged and wanted more UMPH to her skin.

I instantly thought of Bobbi’s Moisture Balm. I had tried it on a whim one evening in February. I needed a winter pick me up and loved the bare glow look and texture . I also am over 50 and wanted something to enhance my look.

I instantly gravitated to this glow for the idea to pick up skin in winter with a glow.. It instantly gave me a soft glow which I loved. What surprised me was how hydrated I felt all evening a definite bonus.

So, when I was working with Lisa at the cosmetic counter and she asked for illumination I instantly reached for Bobbi Brown extra illuminating moisture balm.  Lisa instantly loved the texture and the ease of a pump is great for her in the morning getting ready for work.

Lisa was thrilled it was the exact look she wanted.  It also concealed some of her age flaws which was extra bonus. Of course, she purchased it that day.

Before and after shots of Lisa wearing the skin-boosting Balm

Bf app finish
Aft app Finish

This skin-boosting Balm imparts an instant glow with pearl particles. It also gives a burst of hydration along with long-term skin improving benefits. These benefits will energize a tired dull complexion to bring back its natural radiance. This is the key to this illuminating balm which makes it the better of the illuminators out there in cosmetic world.

The Balm comes in a 30ml. pump bottle that is easy to use. Priced at $68 comes in the bare glow which works on all skin tones.

You can use it three ways; mix with foundation, as a moisturizer or a to highlight the high points of the face.

Be sure to pat on over foundation and can also be used on neck, shoulders and décolleté.

Another plus is package pump seems to distribute product evenly and is not wasteful. Plus, it works great to the very end of product.

aft app side Finish

I recently followed up with Lisa and she is still using the Illuminating Moisture Balm and loving it. She said” I have been using the BB’s Moisture Balm for several months and I love this product! It’s silky smooth and has a soft shimmer that adds a natural glow”.

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