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All About Eyes – Clinique

Clinique All About Eyes lightweight eye cream is an amazing product. First off every year it is on Glamour Magazine’s list of Best Beauty Products,  for 10 plus years running!

This lightweight eye cream is a part of the Moisture surge line indirectly, same gel like consistency and same hydration benefits.

I started using All About Eyes right after I started using the 3 Step. It was the first eye cream I was introduced to by Clinique training. I loved the light weight feel and instantly felt the hydration. But was surprised the next morning at the reduced puffiness in my eye area.  My dark circles were also less noticeable.

This non-creep, cream/gel formula actually holds makeup in place. What’s so amazing is a small amount spread in a patting motion under eye relieves dryness and soothes eye area.

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Last year I had a customer Ashley, 30 yrs. old and a bartender who never seemed to get enough sleep. She came to counter asking me for a solution for her tired looking eyes. I said “All About Eyes gel eye cream.“ I sat her down, showed her the gel cream and applied it to her eye area in a patting motion. She immediately liked the texture and how soothing it felt on eye area. She said “Great let me give it a try.” She purchased the .5oz size for $32.50.

I followed up with her two weeks later and she was so happy. Ashley said, “Her eyes never felt or looked better.” Two of her co workers asked her what she was using that her eyes looked so great, no more dark circles or puffiness.  She told me she told them “All About Eyes and advised them to head to me at the nearest Clinique counter.”

Before and After of me using All About Eyes!

For those of us with drier skin there is an All About Eyes Rich. This moisture rich cream will also diminish the look of undereye circles, puffiness and fine lines instantly and over time. This one also strengthens skin’s moisture barrier and helps boost natural collagen production.

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Both eye creams come in a .5oz for $32.50 and a 1oz for $54.00

Also remember No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Fragrance, Just Happy Skin!!!


Therefore, this product is so soothing even during allergy season it helps with my itchiness around eye area and does not burn? Another added plus of product.

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