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Broad-Spectrum Body Cream SPF 50 and Oil SPF 30 by Clinique

It’s that time of the year! Vacation time, Lazy summer days in the sun and at the beach or pool.Great fun days when you remember your sunscreen. UGH did I just ruin your fun? Nah It’s a necessity that Clinique has perfected.

Clinique’s’ dermatologists have been creating and perfecting sunscreen for many years. The idea is to protect our skin from sun damage and signs of aging. But we all want a golden tan look.

The Broad-Spectrum body crème SPF 50 is great for even the fairest of skin. I tried it for the first time this year for myself and my granddaughter. It goes on nice and does not smell, it is a little thick but with a little patience and warm hands it covers well and does not feel heavy on skin. Applying it may take a little longer but its worth it since it lasts and gives you a soft summer glow.


Innovative Smart Solar Technology I what is behind this product that enables it to protect and stabilize against the burning effects of UVA and UVB rays. It also triggers repair that helps prevent signs of ageing.


It contains an antioxidant boost to shield skin from environmental aggressors and is safe for sensitive skin. Lastly, it’s oil-free and so does not cause breakouts.

It is available in yellow 5oz tube for $27.50

The Spray is here!

Now for those of us, Boomers who still remember our baby oil days in the sun. Clinique has come out with an oil spray sunscreen with SPF 30. This is a Virtu-oil sheer body mist that will make full body application quick and easy.

This lightweight oil sunscreen sprays on easy and absorbs quickly to deliver high level UVA/UVB protection, plus it gives a pleasant cooling sensation upon application. Something new in an oil spray for those hot days.

This comes in a 4.9oz yellow spray bottle for $34.00

I tried it for first time last week, it goes on easily but does have a very strong sunscreen smell. Not pleasant. However, it did protect my skin, no burn, in fact I have some nice glow and tan which I did not  get years ago with baby oil. Also feels the same on as oil but dries into skin quickly providing some hydration which is needed when in sun.

A better option than baby oil since it provides great Sun protection and gives the same feel. Good way to remember those days of our childhood in the sun!!

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