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Bronze Goddess Fragrance and Shimmering Oil Spray Blog by Estèe Lauder

Do you love the smell of the beach? Do you love the feel of the sun and sand? Now you can have that smell when ever you want with the Bronze Goddess collection by Estee Lauder.

Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent comes back every Spring /Summer season and Its best ladies to stock up. Estee advertises it as “All Heat, All Desire” But I love the delicious summer smell of it. Its light and lasting making me feel like I’m at the beach even at work!!

BG product

It has a sun -drenched scent blend of Bergamot, warm Amber, Tiare Flower and Vanilla combined with delicious creamy coconut!

Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent is listed as a floral fragrance. It comes in 1.7oz square bottle with a bronze gold lid for $62.00

Even though the bottle is basic its very alluring you want to pick it up and then when you spray it, “You’re in the Tropics”.

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There is also the Bronze Goddess Shimmering Oil Spray for Hair and Body. For those of us who want an extra touch of shimmer with their fragrance.

This product has a purpose besides the shimmer. It softens skin as it shimmers.

But seriously, Bronze Goddess Shimmer Spray will revitalize and condition dull dry skin. For hair it will reduce frizz, tame flyway’s and enhance gloss and shine. Fabulous product, plus it gives light scent of the Bronze Goddess Fraiche.  I can’t live without either.

I recently introduced this shimmer to my friend Lisa she needed a summer fragrance. Lisa also wanted something to give her skin and hair so summer highlight. I said do you want to try Bronze Goddess she was instantly intrigued since she loves playing a Goddess.

Click Here for more information about this product! 1.7 oz for $45.00

Below is a Before and After of the shimmer on my arm!

BG perfumed oil shimmer spray beforeBG perfumed oil shimmer spray after

You can instantly see how the shimmer enhances my skin and makes me glow!

It comes in the Bronze Goddess signature square bottle with bronze gold lid. You can see the gorgeous bronze flakes.

So, ladies Turn up the Heat this Summer with Bronze Goddess fragrance and Shimmering Oil. And keep a little for a cold winter day where you need to bring put your Bronze Goddess.

Back to Lisa after one spritz of Bronze Goddess Shimmer Spray on her arms and she was in love with the scent and the shimmer. Of course, we were out of it at the store, so I directed her to my web link to buy on line and she had the product in three days.

See my link below to purchase from Lord and Taylor. You can also email me though this site with any questions!

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