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Clinique Chubby Mascara & Liquid Eyeliner

Clinique has done it again, creating Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara and Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen!


For that great smokey eye with drama lashes the Chubby Lash is perfect? For the stay on power of liquid liner with the ease of pencil Pretty Easy eyelining pen is the one you want!

Together these are a smash to create the perfect cat eye liner that stays with big bold lashes. See below in Pictures of Noelle how easy it is to apply


Clinique had such success with Chubby lips and cheeks they wanted to create the perfect Chubby Mascara as part of the Chubby line!

The started with a big change Big Brush!! This oversized volumizing brush transforms lashes from fine and faint to bold and fat. The rich colour builds easily to the look you want and plumps up lashes without weighing them down.

It comes in a sleek fat black tube for: $19.50 in jumbo jet colour.


Clinique stops at nothing to create the perfect liquid eye liner. After research and asking customer what they wanted in a liquid eyeliner. They came out with the Pretty Easy Liquid eyeliner.


Clinique’s mistake proof pen creates a fine line in one sweep. Pretty Easy has a tapered, precision brush that paints on from thick to thin great rich colour. They also made it 24-hour smudge and budge resistant proof.

All the Drama of a liquid liner with out the drama of putting it on!!


It comes in a sleek marker type pen shape for  $22.00

It comes in black or deep brown and case matches colour.

How to use:

  • To create a thin line, use the pointed tip of the brush.
  • To create a thick line, use the flat side of the brush.
  • To create a tight line: While looking into a mirror, tilt head 10° back, making it easier to see the lash line. Starting at outer corner of eye, draw a line to the middle of the lashline. Repeat from inner corner of eye, connecting to the first line.
  • To create a cat eye: Start with the tight line as directed above. Create the perfect diagonal line for your eye shape by drawing a short thin line upward towards the outer corner of your eyebrow.

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