‘Cause I’m HAPPY with Clinique!

Clinique Happy!! Everyone has heard of it. We even have a Happy Day in December.

What makes this Classic feel good fragrance so popular?? “Wear it and Be Happy” is the Clinique Motto.

With a hint of citrus this fragrance is a light weight delight, that one can wear every day and Be Happy!!

Some describe Happy as a beautiful bottle of Sunshine!

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In June Clinique launched “My Happy” Six fragrances you can layer.

My Happy Complete line

These adorable slim bottles are an option to carry in your purse, to be Happy as you want no rules, just wear them together or apart.

There is Clinique My Happy in Peony Pink and My Happy Peace and Jasmine layered give you sunshine and florals scent

Next there is My Happy Peace & Jasmine layered with My Happy Lily of the Beach to give you bright and tropical scent

Or My Happy Splash with My Happy Blue Sky Neroli layered to give you a crisp clean scent.

For a warm and indulgent scent try Clinique My Happy Cocoa & Cashmere layered with Peony Picnic.

When you want to feel lush and sophisticated layer Clinique My Happy Lily of the Beach and My Happy Cocoa & Cashmere scents.

Lastly for that fresh casual scent later Clinique My Happy Blue Sky Neroli and my Happy Peace & Jasmine.

Take a look at these layering options and see what works for you!

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This is the why and the how of the My Happy line of scents;

My Happy- Fresh& Casual
  • They were created to be layered
  • To fit your mood or create a mood
  • Inspired by Happy and created with feel good natural fragrance

They come in slim purse size plastic spray bottle each $22

More to come on Happy the original fragrance in December

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