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Resilience Lift Cream – Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder Resilience lift line is a change maker, this 24-hour lifting cream is part of the Resilience lift line.

Estee Lauder designed Resilience lift to create a more lifted, firmer, sculpted look. With this line you can have it all “the lifted look, the firmer feel and the radiance that reflects how beautiful you are”

ES Resilience Lift Cream 3

Their Photo-Activiated Lift Complex is what powers Resilience Lift it is exclusive to Estee Lauder. This day crème is for face and neck and contains a SFP 15 in the day crème.

When it was developed Estee realized that as you use it your facial contours appear more sculpted and defined. The skin immediately looks more radiantly alive and it smooths out lines and wrinkles as they are lifted away.

With use the cream gives a more young, revitalized look.

I was first introduced to Resilience lift about three years ago when I received it in a gift when I purchased my night repair serum.

My manager at the counter said to me “Please Try this with the night repair it’s amazing how great you look in the morning, I swear by it.”

I began using the day cream and saw significant difference in radiance in a few days. But what amazed me the most was the contour I saw on my jaw and the lifting in my neck area after a few weeks.

E L Resilence Lift 1

The product comes in a beautiful pink jar with gold lid in three sizes and two skin types.

Normal /Combination which is a silky refreshing feel and dry combination is richly nourishing feel, with SPF 15 in both

1oz is $55; 1.7 oz is $90 and 2.5 oz is $108

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Then for night you need Resilience Lift Night for face and neck crème. This  intense nighttime nourishment is to lift and firm and reveal a more lifted youthful look while you sleep.

EL Resilence Lift 2

This night crème is fabulous after a week of use I wake up with glowing with a fresh healthy look. The fabulous Tri-Peptide lift complex it contains helps skin build its natural collagen to strengthen its natural support.

This sounds crazy, but you can feel it building and strengthening your skin as you use it.

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This comes in a deeper pink jar with gold lid in a 1.7oz for $92 and 2.5 oz for $108

FYI us as a mask for an energizing hydration boost once a week!!

EL Resilience lift 4

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