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Mens Super Energizer Concentrate and Eye Gel – Clinique

Survey Says- Men want and need to take care of their facial skin too. They just want quick and effective. That’s how Clinique has developed their skincare products for men, fast and effective!!

Clinique recently introduced the Super Energizer Anti-Fatigue Hydrating Concentrate with an SPF 25. This lightweight non-sticky cream moisturizes energizes skin with 12 hours of hydration and anti-fatigue power. It will awaken, correct and defend men’s skin while it combats UVA/B, infrared and even Blue light.

The Multi-Layered Defense Technology that Clinique developed in this helps to fight modern aggressors that can tire skin and accelerate ageing.

Clinique Mens Super Energizer 3

OMG First off, I may steal this for me; second Do Men care about this??

Absolutely, I decided to start asking men, everywhere, started with my sons, then men I work with and then customers husbands and clients in store.

After two weeks results are really good!

Yes, Men do care about their skin but like women it depends on the Man! The same factors that fall in play for women are the norm. What was he taught as a child about skincare, did he have acne prone skin as a youth, does his partner use skin care, does his appearance concern him, does he have the time, or will he make the time and lastly how important is skincare to him in relation to his life?

So now I know to present this product like I do any other product to men. And those who have an interest will be thrilled, others may have to be shown the benefits. Skin Care as Usual!!

Clinique Men’s Super-Energizer Anti-Fatigue Hydrating Concentrate  is in a plastic orange pump cylinder with silver lid. 1.7oz for $45

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Clinique Mens Super Energizer 2

Men just an FYI this product is a sweat-resistant and humidity -resistant formula that will help shield against pollen, dust and pollution as it delivers all day moisture and antioxidant defense.

This will also help with signs of ageing over time, the Super Energizer Anti-Fatigue Concentrate will minimize wrinkles and lines but best of all skin will maintain a well-rested look!


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