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dvanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum – Lancome

Lancome has there Iconic Five and Advanced Genifique is one of them! It all started with the serum, Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum.

Lancome created this as a fast-acting serum that will reveal smoother more radiant skin in 7 days!

They created this patented Advanced Genifique formula with Bifidus Extract to help strengthen and protect skin’s moisture barrier. This powerful serum works to improve the key signs of ageing; radiance, elasticity, firmness, skin tone and smoothness.

Lancome Genifique 1

All important to maintain a youthful appearance and keep our skin nice as we age.

Nothing this good is just created, Lancome spent over 14 years and 197 formulation trials developing Advanced Genifique Serum. Lancome developed Genifique for all skin types and ages.

You are never to young or too old to add Genifigue to your skin care routine!

Therefore, this serum became an instant success for all.  At its Launch and still growing because of the promise to improve the 10 key signs of youth!

I was skeptical at first, I am used to serums improving the key signs of ageing, not the key signs of youth.

So here is the deal after 8 weeks of use and in proven clinical studies this serum will improve the keys signs of youth, Texture up 57%, Resiliency up 49%, elasticity up 50%, Firmness up 49%, Sagginess up 46%, Fine lines up 42%, wrinkles up 46%, Radiance up 52% Clarity up 47%, Even Skin Tone up 42%.

Iconic is what Genifigue Serum has become across the Globe!

Lancome Genifique 2

I have used many serums but this one does significantly improve your skin quickly, results are apparent and great for sensitive skin. In fact, all skin types love it and see improvement.

The bottle features an exclusive self-loading dropper for the perfect dosage of serum with every application. A fabulous feature so you apply the right amount and don’t waste product which I know can be an issue we all have as we multi task every day in our lives!

  • Always apply after cleansing
  • Use the self-loading dropper for perfect dose every time
  • Follow with moisturizer

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Of course, like all Lancome products this is beautiful packaged in a shades of black gray and white bottle with silver lid.

Its available in .67 oz for $52; 1oz for $78; 1.7 oz for $105; 2.5 oz for $142 and 3.4 oz for $178.


Gift is starting November 7 at all Lancome counters in Lord and Taylor only!! Pre-sell is now, to reserve your gift! You have choice of Gift bag with different contents plus a step up if you spend more than the minimum.


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Advanced Génifique is the first step to any skin care routine, for every age, every skin type and multiple ethnicities. An anti-aging line, Génifique reveals more luminous, radiant skin and diminishes every sign of aging.

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