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Even Better Foundation – Clinique

Do you want a foundation that does everything? Well the answer has been here for a while. To follow up Clinique’s fabulous launch of Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, Clinique developed Even Better Makeup with SPF 15.

Even Better foundation 1

This moderate coverage foundation instantly perfects your color. It is designed to even skin tone, brighten your color and cover dark spots with out looking like a mask.

Even Better is exactly what it says it covers to make your skin look even better.

The coverage helps to create a brighter more even skin tone while the broad-spectrum SPF 15 protects against future discoloration.

Clinique developed this foundation with Vitamin C and antioxidants to actively diminish the look of dark spots, acne scars, and age spots. This foundation si amazing I have used it on many Clients and it creates a brighter even skin tone.

See picture – foundation is on the left of Noelle’s face.

Even Better comparision foundation on left

I started using this on many of my clients with uneven skin tone and it was amazing , not only did it give them even color and cover spots or scars but it appears so natural and not heavily made up or mask like. It has been a top seller for the past three plus years for me.

I recently introduce it to my client Noelle and she is amazed at the coverage. She said “It has even coverage and you do not need a lot, a little goes a long way, plus it doesn’t feel sticky. Bonus it comes off easily and is easy to clean her brushes.”

The foundation is available in 56 shades, so color match is inevitable. Plus stay true pigment won’t change color on your skin to give flawless, undetectable coverage.

First Picture is with the foundation on and second is with no foundation

Even Better without foundationEven better foundation on

Lastly Even Better is non-streaking, non-setting, sweat, humidity and water -resistant. What else can we ask for?? Its Fabulous!!

The bottle is a plastic, squeeze top that distributes a small amount so no waste.

It’s a 1oz, 30 ml for $29.00

Click Here to purchase this product with me at Lord & Taylor’s!

When applying, do like Noelle;

  • Apply with cosmetic sponge or brush for lasting coverage.
  • Start in center od face and blend outward
  • Using dot method on forehead, checks and chin to start.
  • Build coverage as needed
  • Remove with your favorite makeup remover, (suggestion Clinique’s Take the Day Off)


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