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Teint Idole Ultra Foundation- 24 HR Wear – Lancome

Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra Foundation is a new formula that ensures and exact skin tone match.

Lancome labs spent 8 years of research developing this expert foundation. Their goal was a foundation that would fit all skin tones to ensure a true to life match. Thus, they created Teint Idole Ultra Foundation!

Teint Idole means complexion idol nor that your complexion is the natural color of your skin.

Lancome Tient Idole 1

This foundation was made for ultra-long days when you don’t have time to retouch you makeup before you head to dinner with friends or that special someone right from work!!

To accomplish this the formulate Teint Idole with color-true NAI pigments that will maintain your skin’s PH level, then color stays put without caking or creasing. A Win Win for all!!

Since, its launch in 2016 this has become the best full coverage oil free foundation in the world. Its popularity continues to grow as it is infused with perlite and silica that helps absorb excess oils, so it leaves a shine -free velvety matte complexion.

The first time I used it on a customer she was very oily, and no foundation would last more than a couple of hours. As I applied this foundation the ease in application ws amazing.

Lancome Tient Idole 3

The coverage for this customer was flawless, so smooth and covered her imperfections with out an extra application. I used a makeup brush, but a makeup sponge works just as well. The client immediately noticed the light feel of Teint Idole and mentioned it did not look cakey or made up. She immediately said “I want this today, do you have my color?”

I was immediately sold on the benefits of this foundation especially as a makeup artist I can show the client how it looks and feels and get a great result.

I also noticed how the foundation worked so well on her oily skin, gave a nice matte look and did not slide off. No need for added product or powder.

I followed up with her a week later and she expressed how much she loved this foundation and was very happy with the coverage and how it lasted all day. No need for touchups!!

This product is available in a 1oz for $47 in 40 fabulous shades. There is a match for everyone. An added benefit is the SFP 15 in this product.

Lancome Tient Idole 2

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