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Dior Joy and Jadore Fragrance

This is the time of Year for JOY!!!  So, Dior of course has created the new fragrance JOY!

Dior wanted to create a scent that is immediate, clear and generous. They marked it with enveloping softness and energy to capture Joy! Its is an Ode to pleasure and life!!

To create this fragrance The House of Dior started with the vibrant smile of flowers and citrus, they added the smooth caress of woods to it. Lastly the serenity of musks to make an intimate signature in this new fragrance.

The perfumer wanted a seemingly simple fragrance with a hidden complexity!

For the Floral and citrus notes of the fragrance, Dior started with zested bergamot and mandarin adding rose and exhilarating jasmine.

Dior JOY 1

For the woodsy notes they used warm and creamy sandalwood with a touch of cedar and hint of patchouli.

Finally, Dior added the touch of musk to give a tender, sensual effect.

Dior JOY 2

They then had to decide on the Face of Joy. Jennifer Lawrence portrays what Dior wanted in the face of JOY!! She is an extraordinary actress and exuberant beauty who is authentic and as you can see in the commercial her personality expresses pure joy!

When I first sampled it, I immediately smelled the rose and mandarin, but the underlying jasmine comes through as you breathe in. It is a delightful scent that stays with you.

Dior chose a beautifully shaped cylinder glass bottle with pink and silver to create an impression of pure joy!

Joy is available in 1oz for $75; 1.7 oz for $105 and 3 oz for $135.

There other iconic fragrance is J’adore!

Dior released this fragrance in 1999 created by Calice Becker, it means “I love it”  in French! The name was also designed as a pun on the name Dior!

Dior J'adore

The fragrance is designed as an “Ode to fearless women”.

This is a floral scent designed to accent the freshness of the most beautiful flowers.

The ads feature Charlize Theron as a golden goddess in the commercials. She has been featured in all the J’adore commercials has a strong, vibrant, golden goddess thus the signature of the scent.

This is my all time favorite scent, it truly makes a woman fearless.

This fragrance is available in numerous sizes plus gift sets for the holidays.

The bottle is gorgeously shaped in a silhouette of a woman with a clear top.

1.7 oz for $105 and 3.4 for $135. plus the new .67 oz rollerball for $48

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