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Clinique Gift Time!!

Nothing is Better than Clinique Gift Time!!  And there is no better time than the Giving Season!!


Clinique gift time is twice a year at different retailers, so it depends on the store.

Starting December 5 through December 23 Clinique gift is available at all Lord and Taylor stores.

Presell for gift is now and they are giving 15% off if you presell now.


The gift this year has numerous options to chose which will make it so fun for you!!

First off, we have a lovely cosmetics bag in shades of pink.

With a $29 purchase you receive the bag with a Take the day off sample, DDML sample and a full-size lipstick.

Clinique initial gift

Then you have a lovely choice of an eye duo, mascara and smart serum samples or a moisture surge, deep comfort hand cream and chubby blush. All this for $29 purchase.

Clinigue Gift with second choice

Next there is the first Step Up with a $55 purchase

You have a choice of a full-size Moisture Surge Mask or a nice size Smart Cream

Clinique Moisture Surge Step Up for $55

Clinique Smart Night Step Up with $55 purchase

Last there the final Step Up of the lovely printed Tote in shades of pink with a $75 purchase.


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To purchase please go to my link below.

Click Here to shop with me at Lord & Taylor’s!


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