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Mens Skin Care – Clinique

Do men take care of their Facial Skin? Do they care about dryness, or too much oil or Wrinkles?????


Of Course, Clinique has a 3 Step for men with a facial wash, exfoliating tonic and a moisturizer.

First start with a face wash for either normal to dry skin or one for combination to oily skin.

A gentle yet thorough cleanser for each skin type that washes away the days grime and conditions skin to feel fresh, comfortable and nourished for normal to dry formula.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 10.18.31 AM

For the oil control formula, it will leave your face comfortable while controlling oil and shine.

Both prep your skin for a comfortable shave. Come in a dark gray 6.7oz tube for $18.50

facewash men


The second step in the Men’s three step skin care is the Exfoliating Tonic.

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This product is a daily exfoliator that sweeps away dead skin and to de-flake and smooth skins surface. The tonic will also unclog pores and minimize oil build-up. This is a key part of the men’s skin care as it is for the women.

Twice a day after cleansing will make a difference in any Man’s skin.


It is available in a normal to dry or oily combination. Comes in a charcoal plastic bottle of 6.7 0z for $14.50.

You want to follow this up with the final step the moisturizer!

The Moisturizing lotion or the Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer are the final step depending on your skin type.

The light weight formulas will provide all day moisture with skin strengthening ingredients.

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For the oil control formula, it will control oil for a matte shine free look. This oil free hydration will improve skins strength.

Both come in a charcoal tube of 3.4 oz for $28.

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Following this 3 Step process seems a lot at first both the benefits out way the time. In a few days it becomes easy and in two weeks its routine.

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