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Charcoal Face Wash & Mask by Clinique

They are popping up everywhere and are the newest solution to black outs and pore issues!

Leave it to Clinique to perfect the Charcoal Wash and Charcoal Face Mask and Scrub.

Pores can be an issue for everyone, male and female and all skin types.

Clinique first created the City Block Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Gel. This is a Pore deep detoxifying cleanser for all skin types that can be used every day.

This Charcoal cleansing gel effectively removes dirt, makeup and pollution. In our ever-changing world with increased signs of environmental pollution. This is a needed cleanser to help us improve and take care of our facial skin!

Clinique Charcoal face wash

When I first saw the product I was like OK, not really something I need but maybe for others.

I then heard from my son Keegan complaining about black heads and his breakouts and not feeling clean. I immediately got him a sample to try.

The next week he called me and said, “Can I buy that charcoal cleanser its awesome!”

Of course, as his mom I purchased it for him. Keegan loves how clean his face feels and has no more blackheads. He just uses it every day in the shower and regrets it when he slacks off for a few days and doesn’t use it.

This gel does not strip your skin since it contains natural charcoal which will draw out all impurities.

Clinique Charcol wash and purifying mask and scrub

This Charcoal Cleansing gel comes in a gray clear tube with a blue lid of 5oz for $21.


Next as part of the City block line they created a City Block Purifying Charcoal Clay Mask and Scrub.

A 5-minute dual-action detoxifying and exfoliating clay mask. Purifies and polishes skin for a deep clean treatment that feels and looks fabulous. Skin is brighter and pores are smaller.

This Clay Mask and scrub contains natural Bamboo Charcoal and Kaolin clay that help remove the signs of pollution on shin and all impurities. The scrub part is the natural silica beads which gently refine your skin’s texture.

Clinique Charcoal wash and City Block Mask

This comes in the bright blue look of Clinique’s Turnaround line in a tube of 3.4 oz for $28.


How to Use:

Apply generously to skin avoid eye area

Allow 5 minutes to dry and turn blue before removing

Remove with warm water and massage in circular motion for added exfoliation.

You can use 1 to 2 times weekly!!
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