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Perfectly Clean Cleansers – Estee Lauder

What’s the best cleanser and mask for skin over 45 at Estee Lauder??

Perfectly Clean by Estee Lauder has 3 different options to fit your needs.

perfectly clean trio

First my personal favorite is the Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Foam Cleanser/ Purifying Mask. This cleanser is perfect for all skin types!

You can richly lather this with warm water for a daily cleanse or use twice weekly leaving on for 3 minutes as a purifying mask. This foam cleanser cleanses gently yet thoroughly and its creamy texture removes makeup and other impurities without drying skin.

The Perfectly Clean line contains cleansing technology combined with natural loving skin botanicals and mineral to deep cleans gently!

The Perfectly Clean Multi Action Foam Cleanser comes in a blue tube of 5. oz for $26

perfectly clean foam cleanser

Next, we have the Perfectly Clean Mutli-Action Crème Cleanser/ Moisture Mask for dry skin.

This indulgent crème cushions as it cleans, excellent for dry skin.

Perfectly Clean Crème cleanser is a multi-action non-foam cleanser that nourishes skin as it cleanses. It will leave skin soft and supple and comfortable.

As a daily cleanser massage gently in skin and you can wash off with warm water or tissue off. This can also be applied twice a week for 3 minutes as a moisture mask.

The Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Crème Cleanser comes in a blue tube of 5. oz for $26.

perfectly clean creme cleanser

Last, we have the Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Cleansing Gelée/Refiner for oily skin. This cleanser will instantly foam to purify, exfoliate and unclog pores.

Perfectly Clean Cleansing Gelée contains gentle exfoliating beads that lightly exfoliate, unclog pores and leave skin smooth, refined and comfortable. It also helps to control excess oil leaving skin healthy, fresh and luminous.

Estee has created the perfect cleanser for oily skin as we age. I recently had an older client at my counter looking for a cleanser to help with her oily skin and to unclog her pores. I had her sit down and asked if I could cleanse her skin with the Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Gelée. I explained to her as a cleanse how it would also refine her skin and remove her dry dead skin as it controlled excess oil.

perfectly clean gelee

After I cleansed, she was amazed at the feel of her skin and the glow she had. What amazed even me was as I applied foundation the matte look and feel she had and the ease the foundation went on. Her skin looked fabulous and pores were less noticeable.

Definitely, A Perfect Cleanser that left her clean and refreshed!

This Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Gelée comes in a blue green tube of 5 0z for $26.


The Perfectly Clean Line has a Cleanser for everyone!

perfectly clean cleansers

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