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Repair Nourishing Milk and Extra Soothing Balm – BOBBI BROWN

Winter is here! So moisturizing becomes so important to keep our skin hydrated, especially in the morning when we first wake up. With trying to combat the effects of the outside weather against the dryness of heating systems we feel like it’s a losing battle.

Bobbi Brown developed Repair Nourishing Milk to give us the moisture of a face oil plus the skin-renewing benefits of a treatment. Bobbi created a light weight milky formula that feels fabulous and goes into your skin to give an instant boost of nourishment!

What better way to fight the effects of winter than with Repair Cleansing Milk!

This product has a unique emulsified formula that will nourish skin yet feels lightweight but rich as we use it.


The first time I tried it was a few weeks back I had been complaining about waking up feeling dry and my coworker suggested I try it to moisture at night. At first, I thought it just another moisture but hey its one less step at night since it has some treatment in it.

After a few weeks of use I love it, it goes on so silky and instantly I feel hydrated but what is the best I wake up not feeling tight or dry on my face.

It is formulated with a combination of oils, Olive, Sesame, Sweet Almond, and Jojoba which give it the moisture.

Like all Bobbi Brown’s products, it is richly packaged in a glass dropper bottle with black lid. Its 30 ml for $88.

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Bobbi Brown also has solution for our body’s dry skin areas. She has created Extra Soothing Balm that she wants you to consider this your “Go to Skin-Soother”.

In this time of year ther are a lot of places that need a little extra moisturizer or a skin soother. Elbows, heels, cuticles, lips to name a few, they all can get dry, rough and swore form the winter weather and heating systems.


Bobbi Brown created Extra soothing balm for anyone who needs extra moisturization. It is dense concentration balm that adds instant help to dry spots.

It really define the idea of “A little goes a long way” You only need a small amount to cover and hydrate the dry area.

To use its best to warm the balm in hands first then smooth over clean dry skin. Its also great to use over makeup for a healthy glow.

Its  also great for spot treatment of extra dry areas!!

As always, its package beautiful in a glass jar with black lid, contents are a pale pink.

Jar consists of 5oz for $66.

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This balm looks, feels and smells great, it packed with avocado other plant extracts plus geranium and rosemary oils to soothe and hydrate.


So if your feeling in need of hydration, head to Bobbi Brown counter and check out the Repair Nourishing Milk and Extra Soothing Balm. Both are great for this winter weather.


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