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Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Multi-Effects line

A New Year A New You, time for change that’s why Estee Lauder revised Resilience Lift to the New Resilience Multi-Effects!

We as women have many concerns with our skin, the obvious is aging, but now we worry about discoloration, dark spots, pollution, the effects of cold weather.

This Resilience Multi-Effects face and neck creme will bring out skin to be radiant and plump, supple more resilient.

resilence multi- effects

Experience the benefits your skin craves:

  • Improvement in lines and wrinkles
  • More radiant and resilient
  • Prevents collagen degradation
  • Sagging from environmental aggressors
  • Intensely moisturized all day
  • Skins textured improved in 4 weeks

I have used Resilience lift face and neck in the past and liked it but was not in love. The new Resilience Multi Effects face and neck is phenomenal!

The feel is improved more emollient and the texture is fluffier. But after a week of use I see and feel a significant difference. My skin is more radiant, softer yet more bouncy and less sag. Perfect for those of us concerned with signs of ageing.

resilence multi-effects face and neck creme

This is all achieved with Estee’s advanced Tri-Peptide Complex which has shown in vitro testing that it will amplify collagen by 124% in 3 days that is what I felt such an improvement!

Resilience Multi Effects is packaged in the signature resilience pink container with gold lid. With 1oz for $58 and 1.7 oz for $92 and 2.5 oz for $110.

Click Here to purchase this product with me at Lord & Taylor’s!


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