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Nutritious Super Pomegranate – Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder has discovered the great effects of Pomegranate on our skin.

More radiance, detox skin, intense hydration and more energy this is what it can do for you. Thus, Estee has revised their Nutritious line to be Nutritious Super Pomegranate with 2 x’s the concentrate to give intense 24 hour hydration.

I have used the Nutritious line for about two years, but the new revised line is fabulous, starting with the smell and feel of the product.

Estee Lauder’s cosmetic team of researchers developed a way to harvest the Pure Essence of Mediterranean Pomegranate. Using an 8-step whole-fruit cold- solvent extraction process which will preserve the power and potency that is the key to this skin care line.

nutritious super pomegranate creme

Also, this line was created for and tested on Asian women to enhance their skin.

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We have first the Nutritious Super Pomegranate Radiant Energy Moisture Crème which is for skin types to recharge your skin.

It is available in new signature red packaging with a more luminous look at 1.7oz for $68.

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With one use my face is more hydrated and luminous, I am thrilled to see what happens after 2 weeks.

nutritious super pomegranate day and night creme

Next, we have the Nutritious Super Pomegranate Radiant Energy Night Crème /Mask which richly nourishes as it recharges your skin while at rest.

Radiant Energy Night Mask will hydrate for 24 Hours.

It can also be used as a nightly mask for intense hydration. You will awaken to skin that looks rested, renewed and radiant.

This is also available in the same signature red packaging in a 1.7 oz for $72.

This also could gently detoxify skin while infusing it with moisture to give hydrated glowing skin.

nutritious super pomengranate night mask

Lastly the Nutritious Super Pomegranate Radiant Energy Eye Gel, lets wake up the Eye!!!

This cooling gel will wake up tired puffy eyes as it instantly cools the eye area. This masterly crafted eye gel is infused with the same pure essence of the Mediterranean Pomegranate plus a patented Super Berry ferment of essential vitamins and minerals

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This is available in the signature red packaging of .5 oz for $47.

This fabulous gel goes on lightly as it instantly cools .My customer was amazed at how it felt. But the results were amazing, reduced puffiness, hydrated immediately and much more radiant eye area.


Please watch for next blog on the remainder of the Nutritious Super Pomegranate Line, we have a cleanser and toning lotion.


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