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Power Nap Facial – ESTEE LAUDER

How about a facial that gives your skin power like a Super Hero? It also lets you Nap for twenty minutes as your skin is energized, repaired and rejuvenated!

Power Nap Facial by Estee Lauder is the experience you want and need today.

Estee lauder has created the “Power Nap Facial to include all its advanced night repair line plus some other products we can’t live without.

ES Power Nap Facial 1.JPG

  • First you start with Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm. Breathe in the Chamomile and lavender fragrance first to relax the day away!!


  • You then take a peas size amount and warm with fingers then massage gently over face. Next add warm water to turn it to a milky lotion as you massage in to skin. It removes makeup, impurities and cleanse skin, plus it is also a toner, 3 in 1 product. Then remove all with warm wash cloth and rinse face well.


  • Then you will apply Micro Essence Skin Activation Lotion. Shake a few drops in palm of hand then press to skin all over face.


  • Then Miracle in a Bottle- Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Complex II, apply in an upward motion all over face one dropper full of product. Massage gently into face and neck.


  • For the eye area you then apply Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex to eye area in a patting motion with ring finger. Use a Q-tip to take a small amount pea size for both eyes. Massage also above brow and in-between eyebrows.


  • Lastly is Moisturizer, I prefer Revitalizing Supreme+ from Estee Lauder, for all the repair qualities for lines, wrinkles and firmness. Plus, this moisturizer also hydrates and gives radiance instantly, feels fabulous. Apply a peas size amount all over face in heart ritual massage, starting from middle of forehead curving in heart shape down face, repeat from outer edges of nose in hear shape down face, then massage upward over neck to jaw.


  • Close your eyes as you relax, relax shoulders, tilt head back and breathe!


  • That’s the Power Nap Facial by Estee Lauder Enjoy!!!

ES Micros Cleansing Balm

This Power Nap Facial is fabulous when someone does it on your face as you relax! But can be done to your self at night to relax and rejuvenate for next day.

Please stay tune for my video as a I give the “Power Nap Facial” by Estee Lauder to Noelle!

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