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Aerin Fragrance – Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder’s Granddaughter Aerin created an exquisite line of Fragrance in 2013.

The first fragrances in the collection were Gardenia Rattan, Amber Musk, Ikat Jasmine, and Lilac Path.

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Aerin Fragrances

Aerin has created a total of 11 to date with the newest Aegea Blossom introduced in 2018.

When Aerin created this line, she was following in her grandmother’s footsteps and wanted to create a luxury line of fragrance to provide an escape in each experience.

Her idea of femininity, her belief in tradition and her passion for Art and travel have inspired to create these scents.

Each scent is created with the idea of giving the woman wearing them a personal journey and experience that fits her personality through her scent!

The idea of each of the Eleven Aerin Fragrances is to transport the wearer to a unique destination which is your perfect escape!

Aegea Blossom Fragrance

The Fragrances come in a beautiful clear square shaped bottle with different color lid for each fragrance. They come in a 1.7 oz for $125 and a 3.4 oz for $175.

There are also 5 oz body creams for $60 and roller balls for $30.

Aerin’s newest Fragrance Aegea Blossom is a vibrant floral in a voyage of the senses inspired by the sea in Greece with its blue color, vibrant light and cool breezes.

Aerin says “To sail its waters is to feel a release of pure joy and freedom.”

I was first given Aegea Blossom at an Estee Training and was skeptical of the smell, until I started to wear it. After a few minutes of wearing it, It hits your senses and you feel the release of the sea!

It’s an Amazing Light Airy smell that stays with you all day creating a fabulous feel and mood.

Stay tune for more blogs on the other amazing eleven fragrances.

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