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Pretty in Pink – CLINIQUE Lip look!

Do you always want that pretty pink lip but just can’t achieve it?

Do you love that nude with a hint of pink lip but just can’t get the right color lipstick?

Have you thought maybe its my lip color that’s effecting the lip stick when I apply it?

Well Clinique has the solution!!

Here is there trick to get that Pretty in Pink Lip with a nude feel on any lip color.

The Pefect Pink lip 1

First Prep your lips which means a nice Buffing Treatment.

  1. Wet lips and apply small layer of Clinique 7 Day Scrub to lips
  2. Scrub gently as it exfoliates your lips.
  3. Rinse with warm water.
  4. Then apply “all about lips” treatment by Clinique to lips.

Now lips are ready for the Pretty in Pink Lip look!


You want to first pick that nude pink with a soft muted tone. You then want to be sure you have beautiful glowing skin that day.

The best option for this is to apply Moisture Surge all over face under foundation.

Next apply the Perfect Canvas as we discussed in a prior blog. Use the Even better Refresh Foundation is best for the glow but applying your foundation over the Moisture surge while still damp will achieve a glow effect.

Be sure to use the Buffing brush technique in the Perfect Canvas Blog to achieve a dewy glowing look.

the Perfect Pink lip 2

Now the Pretty in Pink Lip:

  • First apply a good concealer over lips to neutralize your lip color so true nude pink color will show.
  • I recommend the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and concealer in one. Blend and press the concealer into your lips with your fingertip.
  • Remember the paler the pink the more sophisticated the look. I love the Fab Pop lip color with primer, so it stays on.
  • Outline lip first with tip of lipstick then fill in center with flat part of lipstick.

Lastly, if you want a shimmer look please apply a sheer pink lip gloss like Clinique Air Kiss to create a subtle shimmer!


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