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Clinique Quick Tips for Skin Care

Its Summer with heat, humidity and air conditioning sapping our great makeup looks.

Clinique has some great ideas for staying power and fixing your face in a pinch.

Here are two WOW tips from Clinique that help with perfecting skin in the summer!

Clinique Chubby Trio

First, The Chubby Trio which consists of using the Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour, the Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlighter and the Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick.

For application you will need also the Clinique Buffing Brush, which is a fabulous way to apply foundation.

First Sweep some Chubby Contour on face both sides, then sweep some Chubby Highlighter on both sides of face.

Second take the Chubby Nude Foundation stick and sweep all over face where desired.

Starting at top of face in a circular motion blend all together over face. This will give a subtle dewy glowing foundation for a great sun kissed look!

Be sure to Buff with Buff Brush all over face to blend all three products to produce the best dewy glow!!

Clinique Foundation ina Pinch

Another Foundation Summer option without using foundation is Clinique’s Foundation in a Pinch with an Airbrush look?

This is perfect for when you head to beach with bronzer and concealer because you forgot foundation or just for ease in packing or room in suitcase!!

Using Clinque Airbrush Concealer in your color and True Bronze Pressed Powder in Sun Kissed.

First Blend Airbrush concealer all over face with fingertips.

Second Sweep True Bronze Pressed Powder in sunkissed all over the face for a natural looking glow.

Presto a fabulous foundation look with a lite glowing finish perfect for a night out after day on the beach or at the pool!

Two Great ways from  Clinique to get a glow in the Summer  with ease.

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