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We were recently discussing best options for foundation matching at the counter. There was much debate over the best way to swatch a client. 

Along the jawline is the preferred but what if the client has spots on her cheeks and chin or discoloration that makes her lighter in the middle and darker along jaw and hairline. 

Foundation Matching with iMatvh

These are all things I have learned to take into consideration when matching a client for foundation. 

  1. I will look at client and ask her a few questions as to amount of coverage and how she wants to look.
  2. If she has redness, I will match her along jaw but may go slightly darker so not make her appear white and pasty in areas where she has redness. 
  3. First, I will pick three shades close to her color using a Q-tip make three stripes along her jawline area into neck slightly.
  4. Then blend them into her skin to see which matches her tone the best and blends well. 
  5. For redness, the best option is to then try the color over the red areas and see how it blends plus how she likes it. Obviously, you want to tone down the redness but not make her appear like she has a mask on.
  6. For discoloration, I will match her along her cheek area into her jawline. This way we are matching where she is lighter. 

To solve a lot of this dilemma, Estee Lauder created a tool called I-Match. This lovely little computer with a camera takes pictures of the client’s facial skin.

Double Wear Foundation I match

Insert pic of I-Match machine

  1. You take three pictures, one at the forehead, one under cheekbone and the third underjaw toward neck. 
  2. It then takes a calibrates the three skin color pictures to give you the best shade. 
  3. The Estee Lauder consultant will scroll down in machine to chosen foundation option and give her two shades to fit the customer. 
  4. You can also pick concealer and powder shades plus some makeup options.

Leave it to Estee to create such an amazing device.

These are some of the best options to get a good match for a color for your foundation! Of Course, there is also personal preference, some like it lighter, some like it darker, some like an exact match, and others want to look like they are wearing no foundation.

Foundation matching is a complex decision that depends on desired coverage, type of foundation texture, and how the client wants to feel and look. Also, long wear is a desire too!!

What are your desired options for your look???

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