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Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix – ESTEE LAUDER

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One item that should be on everyone’s must have list is Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix. It gives synchronized recovery to the eye area. This product is a worldwide first for Estee Lauder. I tried it first when it came out last year and loved this new addition to night repair family. 

The idea of the applicator as part of the process instead of your finger is revolutionary!  First off like night repair it repairs, fortifies and hydrates but now to the eye area. 

Since the eye area is the thinness skin on our face, it shows signs of ageing first.  This product can slow that process down by plumping and hydrating the eye area. Therefore, the key signs of aging look reduced. 

ANR Eye Matrix 1

I love how it instantly provides a cushion of support to give a wide eye look! 

I recently started using it again as part of my nightly regiment and with allergy season in high swing it makes an amazing improvement. 

First off, I wake up with no puffiness, and little to none in dark circles. Big improvement for me this time of year.  I had looking sleep depraved every day. With this every night I wake up looking refreshed plus I know the signs of aging are being reduced. 

This product is $69 for a .5oz/15ml size. This is the only size right now.  I find you do not use a lot of product due to applicator! 

ANR Eye Matrix 2

How to use:

  • Apply with a massaging motion under eye from corner to above outer end of brow three times 
  • This helps to stimulate the line repairing process. 
  • I suggest patting excess product into skin after, not wiping away

That’s it!! Twice a day is best but if you have a choice always do this at night. Your skin repairs from 11pm to 2am so always do your nighlty routine.


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