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Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset Concentrate – ESTEE LAUDER

Its Time to Reset our Skin, Improve on the texture, appearance, lines and wrinkles overnight. 

Are You thinking How is that Possible? Leave it to Estee Lauder to develop an overnight treatment breakthrough to rescue skin fast. 

With Chronolux S.O.S. technology, skin can be reset and rescued overnight. How does it work you ask? By immersing skin in sustained 24-hour moisture with 15X concentrated Hyaluronic Acid in a multi- molecular weight complex.

ANR Intense Reset Concentrate 2

This development is an instant skin fixer, the results are amazing. It accomplishes three things:

  1. Soothes the look of any irritation in one hour. Perfect for stressed skin, from sunburn, dryness or too much of neglect.
  2. Fortifies skin so it will respond better to life’s high- intensity moments. Helps skin cope with, not enough, sleep, too much worry or neglect on moisturization.
  3. Restores skins texture to be more pore less, refined and better clarity. Helps give you a luminous appearance the next day. 

Lastly its formulated with high powered antioxidants to defend skin against the appearance of free radicals. Protects skin from environment, pollution and too much or too little!!

So, I received a bottle last week from Estee Lauder to try. Like everyone I let life get in the way and put it aside and forget to use it.

Yesterday, I went to the beach for the day and did use sunscreen but still managed to get some sunburn on my nose and chest. When I got home last night it was hurting, so I pulled out my Advanced Night Repair Intense Reset and applied all over face and chest. I have to say it felt fabulous, silky hydration plus it truly gave instant relief. 

ANR Intense Reset Concentrate

The next morning almost no redness, no intense stiffness from sunburn and no itchy feel. Definitely, a stressed skin reset, just think what it can do for your skin.

It is packaged in the signature ANR brown bottle, just tall and slim with a pump this time. A few drops applied whenever your skin is acting up and stressed.

It comes in a 1oz size for $80


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