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Double Wear Concealer – Estee Lauder

Double Wear, Double Wear the foundation that has 24 hour wear has two concealers now to compliment.

Double Wear is the #1 Foundation in the United States, so it only makes sense for Estee Lauder to create a concealer to work with this foundation.


They create Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless wear concealer with a wand applicator.

It also lasts 15-hours stays, comfortable and seamless. Its also available in 22 shades so you can get your perfect match. 

Here is what it can do for you!

  • Its transfer resistant
  • Color- true
  • Buildable coverage that won’t slide or melt away
  • Lasts all day
  • Creates perfect look of flawless skin
  • Gives a natural matte finish

Always remember to choose a shade to match your foundation or one shade lighter. You don’t want to go too light to think it will counteract dark circles, it doesn’t. It will jst give you Owl eyes which you don’t want.

Double Wear Stay in Place Concealer

Another trick is to apply concealer after foundation, remember foundation is the basis of you canvas to even all skin tone.

This concealer comes in a slim tube with wand applicator for $30.00

Other perks, its oil-free, fragrance free, ophthalmologist tested, and dermatologist tested and won’t clog pores!!!

To add to the Double Wear concealer line to help nourish and brighten the eye area as it conceals, Estee Lauder has created Double Wear Radiant Concealer. This concealer has nourishing botanical extracts to love our skin!

This is also available in 22 shades super long wearing for up to 22 hours.


Here is what the Radiant Double Wear concealer can do for you!

  • Brightens the eye area as it conceals dark circles
  • Hides spots and tone down redness
  • Has oversized two-sided sponge tip to conceal and contour
  • Precision tip to perfectly cover dark circles
  • Plus, the radiant formula nourishes with botanical extracts, (first of its kind)

This comes in a fatter tube with a with a wand applicator that has precision tip for $30.00 with signature double wear design.

This new Double Wear Radiant Concealer is perfect for all skin types and ages but is a God send for those of us battling lines and wrinkles.  

Available in 22 shades with 12 hour wear!

This new formula with botanical extracts will not crease plus with nourish the eye area, what better way to treat delicate eye are as we conceal.

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