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Dramatically Different Lipstick: A Shaping Lip Color – CLINIQUE

You have heard of Dramatically Different Moisturizer, Gel and Jelly by Clinique and I am sure using one and loving it. Have you tried Dramatically Different lipstick yet?

Clinique created a line of lipsticks infused with skin care to hydrate your lips while providing rich color.

DDLipstick 1.jpg

By adding a rich core of hydration in a 3D pearl center that will instantly sculpt and contour to provide an immediate appearance of a smoother pout!

Plus, overtime it will improve your lip definition as it hydrates.

The Dramatically Different Lipstick comes in Clinique signature silver round tube and is available in 50 shades all for $19.50

There is a range of nudes, pinks, reds, and violets, sometime to satisfy all skin tones, color preferences and range of color. 

DD Lipstick 4DD lipstick 2

Now that you have the best lipstick to get, how do you get healthy plump lips:

Since we all know dry chapped lips can ruin any lipstick even one with hydration.

Here is a three-step plan to get and keep your lips healthy and plump

  • First take a pea size of Clinique 7day scrub and apply to wet or damp lips in a circular motion with fingertip. This will scrub away all dry dead skin. Remove with damp wash cloth or makeup wipe.
  • Second apply Repair wear lip balm all over lips to hydrate and repair. Massage lips together to penetrate all over lips than wipe off excess.
  • Last swipe on the Dramatically Different Lipstick of your choice first on upper lip following bow then on full lower lip. 
  • Voila a beautiful pout that is hydrated and plump!


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