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Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara Line

Who wants Sumptuous Lashes, Who Doesn’t?

Estee Lauder has the mascara line for you with three different Mascara options!!

Estee Lauder’s Sumptuous Mascara in the gold tube is a bold volume and lifting mascara. 

It literally lifts your lashes to be big and bold but with weightless volume.

The first time I tried it I was amazed at the instant lifting of my lashes especially since at my age I have lost some fullness. 

The Unprecedented Bold Volume formula has ultra-light, lash-thickening fibers. This will lift and plump even sparse lashes in to amazing big lashes with a weightless feel and flirty curl.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara

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Sumptuous comes in a big, fat gold tube for $27.50

Next there is the Sumptuous Extreme Mascara which is a lash multiplying mascara. 

This one creates outrageous volume and lifts to give a false eyelash look? 

This Extreme Bold Volume formula is a blend of three high volume fibers in a mousse like base. The formula acts almost like lash extensions to help grow the look of lashes.

The best is Extreme Bold volume is fortified with Lash Advancing Vitamin Complex to help lashes grow and thicken!


Estee also designed this brush with Brush Comber Extreme which has two types of bristles flexible and solid fibers. Flexible to carry formula and solid to separate for clump free extension!

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Available in Big Bold Gold tube for $27.50


For Wow Lashes or just some volume Head to the Estee Lauder counter for Sumptuous line!

The newest addition to the Sumptuous line is the Sumptuous Rebel a lengthen and liftin mascara. This is a very different addition. The mascara has a thin brush that lifts and lengthens by really getting into the lash area. The super sleek brush shatters all expeditions!

Sumptuous Rebel Mascara

It does it lash by lash delivering a full-bodied length and lifted look by combing, defining and separating each lash.

  • Extremely – 24 hr long wear with sweat and humidity resistance
  • Won’t flake
  • Smudge free
  • Beautiful lashes prevail

Lead the rebellion with this it also a tubular mascara which comes off easily!! Saturate with warm water allow to soak in and then gently wioe with cotton pad or tissue. 

Available in a sleek black tube for $28.


The next generation in mascara is at Estee Lauder! I love the ease of use and the results are long full lshes.


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