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Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream

Hydration is a key element in Bobbi Brown’ skin care line. And it should be a key element all of us need in our skin as we age. 

What is hydration?? According to Google, Hydration is the process of causing something to absorb water. In our skin drinking lots of water can keep us hydrated and skin looks better.

In cosmetics and skin care scientist have found that applying specific products to our face to hydrate can improve the appearance of our skin, lessen fine lines  and wrinkles and give a radiance to our skin. 

Bobbi Brown hydrating face cream

So, Bobbi Brown created a Hydrating Face Cream, this rich yet lightweight formula instantly hydrates and moisturizes, conditions and nourishes and is ideal for layering under makeup.

This moisturizer contains their signature Enriched Mineral Water which will leave skin feeling plumped and smooth. I also tried this and noticed how visibly fresh and glowing my skin was after one use. 

This unique enriched blend contains three products; 

  1. Sodium Hyaluronate
  2. Trehalose ( contains rehydrating and water binding properties)
  3. mineral water provides the hydration to the skin after one use

This cream comes in a white glass jar with black lid of 1.6oz for $60

This is part of their Hydrating line, look for more info to come on the updated gel and other products from Bobbi Brown.

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