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Sigma Brushes- Skin Care Brushes

I was privileged to be invited through my job and Lord and Taylors to a webinar on Sigma Brushes.

Since it is 2020 their theme is New Year, New Skin which aligns with what I have being presenting here on MY Simply Linda Blog for 2020, New Year, New You!!Sigma Skin Care brushes 2

I was so impressed by the history and the creators of these brushes that I couldn’t wait to try them.

In 2009 the company was started by a power couple Dr. Simone Xavier and Rene Xavier Filho, a molecular bacteriologist and engineer with one brush set. This set instantly captured a cult following and sold out.

That impressed me enough to want to feel and touch these skincare brushes.

Why Skincare brushes I wondered, I like the idea due to that fact I don’t like putting my fingers into my jar of moisturizer, contamination no matter how clean my hands are, I usually use a Q-tip. Also, you waste product with your fingers, a pea size is all you need for your face of most products.

What I didn’t know:

  • Skin to skin friction can cause a breakdown in collagen and elastin over time- AKA wrinkles
  • Touch the product can breakdown the active ingredients and transfer bacteria into product (I was right)
  • Less absorption occurs so you use less product (right again)

The best is these brushes are backed up by a two-year warranty!

Skin Care Set includes:

A Clay Mud Mask Spatula to scoop and spread thick product priced at $13

A tiny Silicone Spatula Brush for scooping and mixing product -$11

Soft Angled Moisturizer Brush to gently apply product priced at $16

A Fiber Brush for Serum to apply liquids and gels priced at $16

A Fiber Gel Mask Brush that evenly whips gel mask into skin priced at $14

A Fiber Eye Cream Brush to gently apply cream around entire eye area priced at $14

Sigma Skin Care brushes

The whole set is also sold together priced at $55

When I felt all these Brushes and Spatulas, I was amazed at the texture, I have used a lot of different types of brushes, natural and synthetic. These are all synthetic with slim handles in silver and white that feel and look expensive, best part is they last. They are also sized to fit perfectly in your hand to use with product application.

But once I started using them, I am hooked, they are easy to maneuver, easy to clean, fun to use and efficient with product usage. I especially love my moisturizer and serum brush. 

Sigma is an economical priced brush that is perfect for everyone to use! 


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