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Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation Blog

Bobbi Brown has a great foundation for aging skin with a serum to help give you brighter, smoother, more flawless looking skin. Who doesn’t want that???

I decided to give this Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation in the black bottle a try. I wanted more smoother skin with less visible lines and definitely more radiance.


Of course, I did research and learned that this Skin Serum foundation contains  “Active Skin Energizing Complex” developed by Bobbi Brown through a cold fusion process to create weightless tone-perfecting pigments for your skin.

They added a SPF 40 to have UV filters defend against the stresses from the environment to help prevent collagen damage and fight visible signs of aging.

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I instantly liked the silky feel as I applied it to my facial skin. With the serum in it is gives a hydrating silky feel and my skin looks so radiant. I particularly like how it evens out all my lines. Definitely, a great look as a foundation for aging and drier skin. But it is good for all skin types.

The Active Skin Energizing Complex contains:

  • Cordyceps for anti-aging and whitening 
  • Artemia for irritation and protects skin 


How to apply:

  • Shake bottle well
  • Use pump to dispense a few drops (no longer a dropper)
  • Start around to apply around nose and mouth wherever you have unevenness first
  • Then blend with full coverage brush over the rest of the face.


This is available in a black pump bottle of 30ml for $69.


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