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The Essential Makeup Look

What is the Essential makeup look, is it the everyday look, the office or work look (depends on where you work) or is it the look that fits you?

Women ask me all the time what are the Essentials for makeup that make me look natural but are quick and easy. And there it is the key; women want to look great but want it to be EASY and QUICK!!!

First off you must apply a moisturizer, I know moisturizer is part of skincare but it is so vital to makeup looking great. I am always amazed at the women who do not apply a moisturizer before their makeup and don’t understand why their makeup sits on their face. First key is always moisturize before application of makeup.


Second, you want to use some type of base or foundation that evens out our skin tone, covers imperfections and keeps other makeup products on longer. To start there are foundations, CC creams, BB gels, tinted moisturizers, and powder foundation, all with different coverages depending on what you find. Some even use a stick foundation for a quick lite coverage that lasts.


Once you determine your base apply with a quick efficient application using sponge or brush depending on the product of choice.

Third, a nice all over bronzer or lite blush to give a bronze or rosy glow. I prefer this to just blush on cheeks. You want to pick a sheer bronzer in a soft tan or light pink or peach color to give you subtle color all over. Start by applying from the temple under the cheek bone and across the jaw in an E shape on the side of the face. This will give you all the color you need for the day.


Fourth is to shape brows with brow pencil to match brows and add a soft tan or heather pink shadow across lid to give a subtle eye color. 

Fifth apply a brown or gray eyeliner on half of lower lids only then smudge lightly. Apply a nice mascara that will lift lashes and last all day, smudge and smear proof is best. Avoid waterproof for daily use, stick with waterproof for special occasions (wedding) or day at the beach. It will dry out lashes if used on a daily basis and cause them too thin and fall out.

eye stuff

Sixth and final step lips, you have an array of types that work on all depending on what you personally prefer. Lip Gloss, Lipstick, mate or glossy, sheer or intense, lip lacquers (new rage of late) lip potions and liquid lips in gloss or matte.  What is your poison?


There you have it The Essential Look or every day or work or the office or just your look!

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