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Clinique Revitalizing your Skin Facial

Let’s talk about the easiest and most fun Facial by Clinique to revitalize all skin types.


If you have oily skin and  need to slow down oil and deep clean, if you have normal skin and want to create a glow and deep clean or if you have dry skin and want to hydrate and deep clean, this is the Facial for you.

You’re going to use three products from Clinique, Liquid Facial soap, 7 Day scrub and Moisture Surge 72-hour auto replenishing hydrator. All three of these are Best Sellers and Iconic products that have stood the test of time.

Why because they deliver results that promise in other words They Work!!

Revitalizing Skin Facial

I have been using the Liquid Facial Soap for 10+ years to cleanse my skin, never die I feel tight, dry, or unclean. It lathers beautifully and rinses so easily in shower or at the sink.

Liquid Facial Soap- Mild

It comes in a pump bottle or a tube depending what is easier for you, I prefer the ease of the pump. 

  • Step one of facial is to cleanse skin with Liquid face Soap in extra mild, mild, or oily type with two pumps of soap all over the face starting at forehead. Rinse with warm face cloth twice and leave skin damp.

Clinique 7 Day scrub (1)

7 Day Scrub is a company favorite and Cult classic as Clinique is one of the first to create a scrub gentle enough to use every day hence the name. It’s gentle enough to use on all skin types 7 days a week. Can also be used as a mask.

  • Step two of facial is to use the 7 Day scrub by applying in circular motion all over the wet face starting at forehead, then down nose and across checks, last along jawline. Use a generous amount to give a nice thick application about ½ inch thick. By applying circular motions to start it will activate the product and stimulate skin and wet skin makes it go on nicely. Remove after 15 minutes with a warm facial cloth (especially nice to wet and heat in the microwave for 10 -20 seconds to desire).

Moisture Surge 72-hr hydrator

Moisture Surge 72-hour replenishing hydrator is the moisturizer for everyone. I can not live without it. Light and silky is perfect for all times of year and all types of skin. Great in winter to overcome dry parched skin from heat and cold. It literally will repair chapped skin. Wonderful for summer to hydrate skin that is dry from sun will repair skin and light enough to hydrate oily skin but not feel heavy. 

  • Step three for this Facial is to apply a Moisture Surge 72-hour hydrator all over the face. Best to apply a nice coat in a heart shape motion starting at forehead down side of face, then start at bridge of nose across checks and down side of face. Last along the jawline and down neck. Use a nice massage technique and repeat it each three times as it penetrates in skin. 

Lastly sit in a soft chair or sofa, relax your shoulders, tilt your head back and close your eyes for a nice ten-minute rest. Close mind to all thoughts of stress, the virus, or life issues. Playing soft relaxing music is also a help and dimming the lights is required. 

Clinique Liquid facial soap pump – 200ml- $18.50; 400 ml -$29.50

7-Day Scrub one size 50 ml -$23

Moisture Surge 72-hr hydrator – 50ml- $39.50; 75ml- $54


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