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Health Benefits of Succulents in the Home

I have always heard that succulent plants truly benefit you and help in the home. Never really understood why or how beautiful they are, until a recent trip to Lowe’s.

On Thursday, I went with a friend to look at plants and she specified she wanted a cactus or succulent for her apartment. She said they are good for Feng Shui which helps with the good energy in your home. I decided to look for a new one to add to my merger collection.

I have one in the home on my windowsill that was a gift from my cousin over a year ago. Its the one pictured here in the Flower Basket. I also have my orchid( the one on end in white pot) that has bloomed once. They have grown both over the years and are so easy to care for. The orchid is in a new stage since I replanted it in larger pot a few months back. It is slowly blooming.

I decided to create my own pot of assorted succulents to fit my mood. I choose a small clay pot and two plants a Crassula or Jade Plant and a Peperomia. I love the look of these together and its perfect addition to my window sill.

Succulents purify the air in the home. Some succulents like aloe vera are excellent at cleansing the air and removing toxins. The Jade plant is a succulent renowned for good luck and prosperity. It gives off nourishing “chi” the positive energy.

All of this is perfect for what we need in 2020 to help bring good energy and remove the toxins in our home or business.

This is the one that was a gift has bloomed beautifully in past two years. These plants also help to improve the humidity in our homes to help prevent dry skin, sore throats and colds and dry cough! Another perfect for this time of 2020!!

They require very little care, just a dry warm room in the sun and only water as needed let plant dry out, since their leaves store water.

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