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How to protect skin while wearing a Mask -07-5-2020

In this new 2020 with all that is Happening, we still need time to take care of ourselves!

Why, you ask? Masks, Masks, Masks for one thing can affect our skin. Breakouts, clog pores, sweat, dry skin patches, irritation from detergent, redness, or dark spots are all that can happen to us while wearing a mask.

Luckily, Clinique, as always, has a solution!

First Off their Three Step Skin Care works for everyone because there is a formula for all skin types, dry, normal, combination and oily, plus acne prone.

Now more than ever washing you face morning and night is so important. So, let us start with a good cleanser, one for your skin type and concerns.

Clinique has a few options:

  • Liquid Face Soap in pump bottle or tube- 3 types extra mild, mild, or oily- $18.50 -$29.50
  • Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser- crème mousse that cleans gently and rinses away makeup-$22
  • The Original Face Soap in bar – 3 types, extra mild, mild, or oily- $15.50
  • Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam- daily medicated cleanser for acne prone skin- $22

Check out these choices and get the one best fit for your skin concerns

The next Step is what Clinique calls the Change Maker the Clarifying Lotions with 5 different types and a sixth for Acne. Exfoliation is the key to beautiful skin by getting rid of the layer of dry dead skin. These trusted toner/clarifying lotions give a radiance to everyone’s skin. 

  • Clarifying lotion 1,2,3,4, for dry, normal, combination and oily skin and 1.0 for sensitive skin. $17 to $27-  2 sizes
  • Plus, the Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion for acne prone skin really controls acne and unclogs pores. $17

Now with the wearing of Mask this is a vital step in cleansing, that you do morning and night with a cotton ball. They will help control the oil or prevent the dryness (depending on the choice of lotion) and help with clog pores therefore less breakouts. 

The last step for all skin types in all seasons is moisturizer even oily skin needs a hydration that will control oil too. 

There are a few different moisturizers for all skin types that will give perfect hydration and help with the sweat issue in summer and dryness come winter.

  • Dramatically Different Lotion (DDML) or the Yellow one is great for most skin types. 
  • Dramatically Different Jelly or Gel is perfect for combination or oily skin, the jelly (DDMJ) is a lightweight hydrator that feels great yet hydrates while the Gel or DDMG will control oil both are great in summer with a sweaty mask. All of the DDM line also protects our skin from pollution and the environment.  From $15 to $39 3 sizes
  • Last there is Acne Treatment All over Clearing Lotion for very acne prone skin. $24

This 3-Step system is a great skin care regimen that has a system for all skin types and concerns. Now more than ever with Covid 19 and mask wearing we need to protect our skin and keep it clean and nourished. Clinique 3-Step is the answer!

Please notice beautiful eye makeup on Noelle. We will talk more about what makeup to wear and not to wear. Watch for my Blog on how to’s on makeup and masks!

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