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How to dress over 45 (and NOT look Matronly or like a Teenager)

Once you hit 45 is it really time to get out the stretch pants and loose-fitting print tops, and maybe even get that short haircut? HELL NO, HELL NO, I said Hell No!!!

For years I have always dressed stylish, age appropriate, and extremely fashionable all without going to a stylist.

Yes, I have worn jeans in all the different trends as I have aged and no, they have not looked like mom jeans or like I stole them from my teenaged daughter.

I wear leggings, yoga pants, shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits that flatter but do not make me look like an old lady trying to look young.

I have never worn elastic waist pants, big printed tops, or dresses that scream ‘matron.’ And I certainly don’t appear to have resigned myself to being outdated.

These are two key elements too remember:

  1. Never keep the same hair or clothing style from your 20’s: you instantly date yourself.
  2. Don’t decide you are old and instantly start wearing non-flattering outfits, and opt in for the standard short haircut that screams “I’m dated.”
White Button Down and Dark Jeans-Boot Cut
Taupe Slim Skirt and Black Tee Shirt

First off, remember that if you feel great than you look great! But hey, that’s easy to say and think, but not as easy to just DO.

So, here’s some easy staples to start with:

  • A great pair of darker boot cut jeans, DOESN’T need to be designer. Having a faded appearance in the thigh and shin area will slenderize, make you appear taller, and it’s trendy!
  • Nice slim black pants with a tapered leg, or even crop tapered at the ankle.
  • White button downs are great, BUT you can also opt in for deep blue or khaki. These are all great colors. The button-down shirt look is sophisticated and slenderizing. Plus, it’s a great go-to for any event!
  • A nice fit T-shirt with V or boat neck style and find the one that fits perfect. Try to buy in an array of colors. Always remember; NO oversize tees, they’re unflattering!
  • Every lady needs a nice pair of pumps! A 2-inch heel in black is great, but boring, so try a taupe or gray as your neutral.
Tapered Crop Pants and White Sweater Top
Long Gray Cardigan
  • Long cardigans that, again, can be black but gray, beige, or even steel blue and navy are fun options. And they are easily dressed up or down.
  • A great raincoat is awesome! Here is where you want to go trendy: Olive or taupe is perfect, and the more pockets the better! Those, and a hood add to the youthful look. Trust me, this coat will be your life saver.
  • A nice designer bag is a must! Do not skimp on style or price! This says “I am stylish and knowledgeable!” Have fun with the color.
  • A soft fitted sweater, but nothing too bulky. Cashmere is perfect, but can be costly, so a similar texture is great. V- neck, boatneck, or cowl neck is the most flattering.
  • A nice pair of comfy leggings in black, dark gray or navy. Yoga style also works!
  • Basic shift dress in a silky fabric at knee length with a flattering neckline that hints at a bustline but doesn’t feel inappropriate. Basic black again is fine, but I love a medium blue, burgundy, or charcoal. So much more fun!
  • A nice pencil or slim skirt with elastic or a zipper waistband. Should be knee length and, again, always try for this in navy, charcoal, taupe or gray instead of “safe” black.
Navy Yoga leggings and Shift Dress
Olive Rain Jacket with Hood

This is the start of a great, basic ‘work to dinner’ wardrobe for women over 45. It’ll save you the trip home to change, AND you can easily add fun accessories to enhance your style.

  • One last, HIGHLY recommended item: a great Pashmina in plaid or abstract print, mainly in neutrals with maybe one or two vibrant pops of color. This will be a life saver and a style maker!

Watch out for my next few blogs with details on all these items, how to wear them, and where to get them!

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