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Makeup and Masks in Summer 2020, What to do??

Its 2020 and how do we do with our makeup when wearing a mask?

I am sure like me the first time you went out with a mask you didn’t really think about changing your makeup. You did your makeup routine as usual.

Mine being skincare than moisturizer than foundation and concealer, some bronzer and blush.

Of course, I must define my eyebrows by applying some filler powder than define outline better, add a little more definition. Brows are a huge deal for me.

Next, my shadow and some liner, I have a basic routine for day that I may change slightly depending on what I wear to work. Evening routine is darker color and more liner.

I went with my basic makeup routine out for the day to work. OMG, I never realized the way the makeup would come off on my mask, that no one really saw the bronzer or blush. Let only lipstick is just a waist of product since you wear a mask all day.  I was unhappy with how dirty the inside of my mask was and how the makeup on my face was sweated off.

I decided I would need a new makeup routine that would work for wearing a mask.

First off, Cleansing and skincare is more important than ever to keep our skin beautiful and glowing.

See my blog at…/how-to-protect-skin-while-wear…/

The key to the mask look is the eyes, all focus is here, and eye makeup must be perfect.

It does not need to be extravagant or glamourous it just needs to fit you. Whether you opt for a natural look, cat-eye look, smokey look, day or evening look depends on where you are going and how most people see you.

Here is a basic eye look to try, it has a little enhancement to accent eyes or you can try a dramatic cat-eye look tonight..

  • First apply your foundation or tinted moisturizer. ( to area from tip of nose and above since if wearing mask all day you are just sweating it off on mask, if you need to remove mask at times than apply a lighter application below nose on rest of face .
  • Next apply some concealer under eyes by patting and blending with a sponge or concealer brush.
  • A soft eyeliner in brown or navy along lashes on top and bottom.
  • First a base eye shadow in beige, soft pink or light taupe.
  • The second eyeshadow should be an accent color in soft brown, rose or olive.
  • Finally, a good mascara in black or brown depending on your preference. Good pick would be a lifting or plumping mascara to give defended lashes.

It’s your choice to define your eyes depending on where you work and how you want to accent your eyes with your mask. This is the time to have fun with eye color.

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