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The Basics for Women over 45 on pants and tops, what works?? what enhances??

In my first Fashion blog on how to dress for women over 45, I spoke briefly about the basic pants and tops to wear. I want to explore on that with other alternatives that can be added to your wardrobe for some pizazz.

I started with the basic idea of a tailored pair of black pants with either a waistband and zipper or elastic waist or combination of both. In the pass few years there have been some companies who have created a more modern elastic waist pant that is stylish and fitted.

Companies like Chico’s, Dress Barn, Alfani and Charter Club at Macy’s and Apt 9 at Kohl’s all carry this new elastic waistband pant that is flat and fitted. They are made of a stretch fabric that is structured but made of rayon, nylon and polyester to give but hold its shape.

I bought my first pair at Chico’s in basic black they are a little pricey but were worth it, a year later they still held their shape and look like new. Did buy a second pair in beige with white dots, 6 months later for spring.

My next pair was a black and white check at Macy’s by Charter Club, reasonably priced and wore wonderfully.

Later that year I went into a Dress Barn and discovered that they were carrying a similar pant by Roz & Ali, they had expanded their line to have tummy control and some nice details at waist and hem. I purchased a Taupe pair and a Black ankle length pair with detail, even pockets.

Some of these companies have expanded into carrying capris in the similar structure. They have created pairs in patterns and some more extensive color range, like navy, gray, khaki and white.

What is so nice about this pants are that they wash and dry easily and look great after many wears. They have a nice fit for all body sizes they let you look professional and stylish but are comfortable.

Next the nice V-Neck or Boat neck top that is T-shirt comfy but professional and stylish.

A soft T-shirt material, silky knit or a polyester/rayon type of material is perfect for this type of top with short or 3/4 sleeves. To add some pizazz, I love the ¾ sleeves shown below with an open grommet design or a crisscross weave, added silver or gold accent is fun too. The black top is from Kohls and the blue is from Dress Barn.

For a V-neck style a split sleeve or wrap effect is a nice stylish different look to enhance your wardrobe. The V-neck slenderizes everyone, and the wrap will define the waist both are a great accent. The split sleeve is from Dress Barn and the wrap is from Macy’s.

I also love a cowl neck or drape neck it gives such a youthful look and enhances the bustline. Choosing a geometric print is very sophisticated look that will set you apart.

Lastly this cute T-shirt shape top in a black light jersey fabric, what sets it apart is the cumber band tie look that will also enhance the waist.

All of these will add to a wardrobe to separate it from the basics and define your look as unique. Remember these two items V- Neck or boat neck Top and structured elastic waist pants are the basics for a career style that when you pick the one with aextra detail it gives you a modern twist.

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