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Origins Ginger Body Line- A Citrusy-Crisp Fragrance to awaken the senses!!

In addition to the Ginger Body Scrub and Incredible Spreadable, Origins has a whole Ginger Body line.  From body wash, to body lotion and an oil and an essence they have all to cover everyone’s desires!

For the body wash lovers there is Ginger burst wash with tangy scent of ginger. This wash will lather up to send a soothing warmth throughout your body.

This is a different ginger scent since the added citrus gives a therapeutic lift to all senses plus its completely organic. Ginger Burst has a nice crispy citrus scent of lush, lighthearted lemon, lime, and bergamot to lift listless spirits. Its recommended for all skin types and 100% vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free

*Without animal ingredients except honey & beeswax.

Comes in a 6.7oz tube for $26.00

Then there is the Best Seller Ginger Souffle. This whipped body cream embraces your body with a relaxing sensation that spreads all over you.

As Per Origins website:

What is It:

  • When waging battle with the elements, whether they are cold and dry or hot and humid, you can always seek shelter in this creamy cocoon.
  •  A relaxing sensation spreads all over you as tangy Ginger embraces your body while skin-nourishing Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil invisibly surround weary, dreary skin in softness.
  • All the while, the citrusy-crisp scent of lush, lighthearted Lemon, Lime and Bergamot help lift listless spirits.
  • There is no more savory way to shoo your malaise than with Origins Ginger Souffle.

What a fabulous description of a body cream and what it can do for you skin and senses. But does it?

A Resounding Yes, one use of this cream and I was in heaven. The same citrusy-crisp ginger scent is the start, then the luxurious feel and last the relaxing sensation was enough to convince me.

This comes in a 6.7oz jar for $38.00

Good To Know:100% Vegetarian*, Vegan*, Gluten-Free
*Without animal ingredients except honey & beeswax

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