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The Sweatshirt- My favorite run around shopping hoodie-

Do you have a favorite item you can’t live without? Or do you have a jacket or hoodie that is perfect for running errands? Or is there any item of clothing you love that was a hand me down from a guy? Or is it all three? What do you do if you loss it?

Here is my Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Errand jacket story!!

When my son Keegan was 15 -16 years old, he wanted this gray Nautica sweatshirt that was about $89 which as a single mom in 2000. Of course, as we moms do, we make it happen. He got that sweatshirt that year as he started 11 grade.

Back then Nautica was a big deal for high school guys, and this was a one of a kind gray hooded sweatshirt pullover style with side slash pockets.

Keeg was just starting to work out, playing football so I bought him a large.

Flash forward five years and its 2005 and he no longer wants this hoodie. As a mom I could not just throw it out after all it was over $80. Of course, Keeg says its too small, not his style anymore and on and on.

I decided to take it and wear it as a quick throw on to run errands. Thus my favorite sweatshirt, run errands, hoodie was born.

I wore the heck out of this hoodie, it was warm, albeit large on me and long, so it covered my butt. I did have to roll up the sleeves twice in fact, but I loved it. I remember my mom hating it, why are you wearing that big ugly sweatshirt its not pretty or for a girl.

Well moms never change plus she was from a different era where women did run around in big sweatshirts that were for men.

Flash forward to 2012, my granddaughter was born and I am still running around in my big hoodie, but it has gotten old , dingy and ratty looking. Sleeves are worn and hem has been repaired twice (I do sew). Now, its becoming a debate do I toss it I definitely got my moneys worth, but what now do I wear.

I bought a sharp Yoga style zip up hoodie by North Face, it was a new era and North Face was everywhere. This is a women’s jacket in size medium, so fits nice but not oversized and looks great. I love this jacket, but I still think about my oversize hoodie and miss it. OMG, you now think I am insane or maybe you understand.

About a year and half ago my son Keegan went to work for North Star Exteriors in. a roofing and siding sales. Great company and it has changed his life and career path. He is the successful salesman I always knew he could be.

After six month of great success, his boss Jeff got him some golf shirts, t-shirts, and hoodies with company name to wear for work. They were genuinely nice and professional.

One day, Keeg stops by the house wearing his new hoodie with the company name and logo and its gray. We chatted and I told him how great he looked and professional. Especially I like the hoodie, great color, he laughs and says, “It reminds you of that Nautica one of mine you had”. We laugh and I say I really miss that one.

This summer, He tells me Jeff is ordering him new shirts and sweatshirts for work, since he needs a larger hoodie so he can layer in winter. I asked him what happen to the gray one and can I have it?

Flash forward to late August and Keegan stops over with a surprise the gray sweatshirt that is a large and two small for him.  I wore it for the first time today and am in heaven. Its perfect to run errands and so warm.

Wow, I am so thrilled what a great winter for me, I have my hoodie to keep me warm and run errands. Thank you Keegan and Jeff!!

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