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Fresh Pressed 7-Day System with Pure Vitamin C W/ CLINIQUE!

We all know to take Vitamin C to fight off a cold or even as a preventive measure for colds. But did you know that Vitamin C is a powerful de-ageing vitamin??

Clinique of course did, they came out with Fresh Pressed Vitamin C system that as a facial wash and a booster added to moisturizer can refresh and renew our skin in 7days!

Clinique developed a two-step system; one is a cleanser and one is a booster to add to moisturizer. This will give you from first application, to experience brighter, more radiant skin. Plus, with daily use you will experience a week noticeably firmer, more even-toned skin that has less lines and wrinkles plus you get a radiant youthful glow.

Who knew that Vitamin C could do all this for our skin to help fight against ageing!!

Clinique Fresh Pressed Vitamin C

 Here is Clinique How to Use:


Use in the AM to jump-start skin’s natural cellular renewal process.
1. Pour powder into wet hand.

  1. Add water and work into lather.
  2. Gently massage over skin, avoiding eye area.
  3. Leave on for 1 minute to capture the potency of pure Vitamin C
  4. Rinse well.


  1. Leave cap on. Remove foil
  2. Firmly press inner bulb twice to release Vitamin C powder into the soothing emulsion.
  3. Shake 15 seconds, and before each use.
  4. Remove cap.
  5. Mix 2 drops with your moisturizer AM and PM to power up your regular routine.
Clinique Vitamin C and Moisture Surge and Mascara

With this product always avoid eye area and shake well before each use.

For Full potency with Booster once activate use within 7 days for best results.

It will retain full power for 7 days then darken as it loses its potency.

The product is available in a one week set of 7 washes and a booster that wil last for 7 days when 2 drops are added each day am and pm to moisturizer.

For a 7-day supply its $28. There is also a one month’s supply of 4 boosters for $76.50 and a 28-day supply of cleanser packets for $30.50.

Of course, this is for someone who wants to use it daily, the other option is to use it once a month for 7days as a reset to your skin.

I choose to use it once a month to reset my skin. With a week of daily wash my skin is brighter and has a more refined look. With the booster added am and pm to my moisturizer I visibly rejuvenate my skin. Together a monthly reset!! Give it a try.

You decide what works for you!!

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