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Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics CBD Topicals!

What about CBD Creams / Do they work?

I’m sure you have heard something about CBD creams and their benefits, here is the details on the one I discovered.

Arthritis, aches and pains from daily life, PMS, Sleep issues due to stress and anxiety are all part of our lives and even more so in this past year of change!

I discovered Dr Kerklaan Therapeutics in February of 2020 during a training at Lord and Taylors who was carrying the line as an addition to skincare.

I was immediately drawn to the Natural CBD Relief Cream since I have arthritis in my wrist and lower thumb joint area (need surgery eventually to replace joint but who has time to take off work)

Dr Andrew Kerklaan developed these breakthrough creams after two decades of research. These Hemp based CBD topicals are for pain relief, sleep, PMS and skin discomfort.

Natural CBD Relief Cream is a topical relief to ease discomfort, tension, and stiffness.

I use it a bed after on my wrist and hand and the pain eases instantly and lasts in to next day sometimes longer.

  • Per 2 oz. Container: 180 mg of Hemp CBD
  • Per 2 ml dose: 6 mg Hemp CBD
  • Contains eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint essential oils
  • Apply to painful areas as needed

Purchase at

1oz size  for $39.99 or 2 oz for $68.

There is also a spray and a stick in the Pain Relief line

Natural CBD Relief Stick 1.5oz for $68

Natural CBD Relief Spray 1.o 0z for $39.99

Watch for our coming video on or email any questions to

To purchase email me at to place an order!

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