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Fabulous Christmas Gift from my Son- Keegan

Sometimes you get what you truly need for Christmas. I did in a big way from my son Keegan and North Star Exteriors, A New Roof!!

Keegan has been with North Star Exteriors for almost two years. He has truly found his calling in this job. He is a born salesman, but in this position in roofing and siding sales he has excelled beyond what I ever thought he good so quickly.

For years I have told him you can sell anything, since he always could talk me into anything and convince his father too. Even with our family and his friends he could sell them all on his ideas. It’s his personality, his wants and his drive that have made him unique, though sometimes annoying LOL!!

This year he has excelled beyond what his boss or his father or I thought he could do in sales. He is truly driven and has a gift to achieve and sell which you only see in the top salesmen.

When Keeg came to me in April 2020 about getting a new roof I wanted to get the soffit and downspouts done too. He gave me a fabulous price at his cost, and I said let me get back to work and save a little.

Fast forward to October 2020 and I was getting concerned about roof needing to be done sooner and was working extra to aim for February or March of 2021.

In December Keeg hit a milestone in sales and was exceeding all expectations. He worked out a deal with his boss and told me, “ am having your roof done on Sunday December 11 and I am paying for it. Merry Christmas. You can then have the soffit and downspouts done in Spring”!

Things tend to always go well for Keeg or he always gets his way, sometimes I feel it’s the universe or God rewarding him for all he went through as a teen with his Kidney disease. Either way December 11 was the perfect day to put on a new roof. Sunny and up to 60 degrees by noon.

They arrived at 7:30 am and were up on my roof ripping it up in minutes. One foreman and 7 roofers tore off old roof replaced 7 sections of plywood desperately needed. Thank God my son did this for me now the roof may not of held through this winter.

Keegan put on a shingled roof in shades of gray by Atlas Called Coastal Granite with 30-year wear! Beyond Gorgeous roof, may sound crazy but I love it, it has so enhanced my home.

Wonderful son, best Christmas Gift ever!!

Keeg and Forman finalizing roof

Come March I will have the soffit and downspout replace along with new gutters that have shield protection. No more cleaning out gutters!!

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