About Linda

Linda has been in the beauty and fashion industry for decades. Ever since she was a young girl designing her own clothes. She graduated from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (Now known as Jefferson University) with a Bachelor of Art in Textile Design and with a passion for design and beauty. In 1990, Linda joined Mary Kay Cosmetics as a Director of Cosmetic Sales for the next 10 years. After a brief break from the beauty industry, Linda returned to the field in 2012 at Clinique as an Associate Consultant. Later in 2016, she joined Estèe Lauder as an Associate Consultant and she continues to work for both, Clinique and Estèe Lauder to this day. In 2017 Linda Become the Estee Lauder Companies Manager at Lord and Taylor managing and promoting three Estee Lauder lines including Estee Lauder, Clinique and Bobbi Brown. From 1999 to 2003, Linda managed Millennium Models. She was the Booking Agent working with models to book for Origlio Beverages, Corona, Moose Head, Boscovs, and Farouk Hair Line. She also was responsible for training the models on appropriate makeup and dress for go sees.
As an Consultant for these two companies, Linda travels to different vendors for specified events to promote product lines and new products through customer makeovers and consultations. When Linda meets with a new client, she first assesses their skin and advises them on the best health and beauty products to make them feel beautiful. She works with a lot of the baby boomer generation of women in her daily  consultations. Since she is a part of that generation , her know how is trusted  and appreciated.  
With the brand Simply Linda, Linda wants to use her decades of experience in fashion, health, beauty and home decor to provide skin care, makeup,fashion and home decor tips and tricks to the Boomer generation of women across the world.

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